Chickenshed Theatre

  Chickenshed-Theatre Changing Lives. So what is Chickenshed? Chickenshed Theatre is an amazing inclusive theatre company and charity, based in North London. I’m not just saying it’s amazing because I spent around 4 years acting in various roles there, have been in it’s Young Creators scheme and had made so many friends there. I mean … More Chickenshed Theatre

Liz Crow -Bedding Out: Art, Activism and Twitter

Liz Crow is a performance artist, activist and creator of Roaring Girl productions. Many of her projects, most recently Bedding Out, was part artwork and part protest. Liz Crow doesn’t want to disclose her disability “because Bedding Out will become about people with X impairment,” but adds: “What I can say is that I have … More Liz Crow -Bedding Out: Art, Activism and Twitter


References: [1] Jennifer Smith, DanceSyndrome, ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ – Student Jennifer Smith, who has Down’s Syndrome, showcases her piece for the Charity Film Awards. Her dance explores the issue that there are 1.4 million people in the UK with a learning disability and 50% of those people experience chronic loneliness. However DanceSyndrome dannce leader Becky … More DanceSyndrome

Lucy Catchpole -‘I love the Paralympics, but we can’t all be superhumans’

Disclaimer: Although I detail Lucy Catchpole’s argument here, I also write my opinions on it down below. This is clearly marked in the ‘what I think’ section. Read ‘Lucy Catchpole’s’ article on The Gaurdian here. And for a definition of ‘inspiration porn’ watch Stella Young’s ‘I’m not your Inspiration’ TED Talk. Stella Young is now … More Lucy Catchpole -‘I love the Paralympics, but we can’t all be superhumans’

Department of Ability – comic book

Emily’s catchphrase: ‘Eat my wheels!’ Department of Ability, an upcoming comic book series, was created by Dan White. His daughter Emily has spinda bifida, hydrocephalus and a love of superheroes, yet she couldn’t find any representations of disabled characters in her favourite books or TV shows. This was when her father Dan decided to create … More Department of Ability – comic book