Temple Grandin

Dr Temple Grandin is a world renowned author and professor in animal studies and autism. She has received a PHD and urrently works at Colorado State University. As a child in the 1950s, Temple’s autism hadn’t been diagnosed,as the condition was almost unknown in those times. However she grew up in a time when social … More Temple Grandin

Dolly Sen

Dolly Sen is an author and filmmaker, making socially conscious work surrounding ‘madness’, government policies around mental health and disability, and social attitudes. Dolly Sen – To Be or Not To Be Disabled – Based on the famous monologue in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this spoken word poem explores Dolly’s experience of how disabled people are treated … More Dolly Sen

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire’s detailed cityscapes are drawn completely from memory. Who is Stephen? Stephen Wiltshire is a world-renowned artist who draws cityscapes in great detail – sometimes only after seeing them once. Born in 1974 to Caribbean parents, his autism meant that he found it hard to communicate and relate to other people when younger, and … More Stephen Wiltshire