Department of Ability – comic book

Emily’s catchphrase: ‘Eat my wheels!’ Department of Ability, an upcoming comic book series, was created by Dan White. His daughter Emily has spinda bifida, hydrocephalus and a love of superheroes, yet she couldn’t find any representations of disabled characters in her favourite books or TV shows. This was when her father Dan decided to create … More Department of Ability – comic book

Sent in by Christian

Christian is a visual artist, creating portraits and other images that explore the human condition. They’ve painted this picture, currently untitled: Because they don’t want their painting to be misinterpreted, they haven’t given it a name, nor put any judgement on the figures in the image, some of whom have visual disabilities, others who don’t.

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire’s detailed cityscapes are drawn completely from memory. Who is Stephen? Stephen Wiltshire is a world-renowned artist who draws cityscapes in great detail – sometimes only after seeing them once. Born in 1974 to Caribbean parents, his autism meant that he found it hard to communicate and relate to other people when younger, and … More Stephen Wiltshire