Last official day of UK Disability History Month – links to UKDHM

Disability History Month – Celebrating Our Lives, Achieving Equality, Challenging Disablism. Hi all. Bloggers, artists, painters, musicians, writers, radio hosters, poets, and other viewers of this blog. (Who I will never name if you don’t want me to… but your work, currently existing or yet to come, is and/or will be awesome. 🙂 ) Today … More Last official day of UK Disability History Month – links to UKDHM


Fashioneyesta (real name Emily) is a beauty blogger and YouTuber, She has septo optic dysplasia,and a visual impairment resulting from that. As some people believe that visually impaired people can’t be fashionable, Fashioneysta attempts to change those perceptions in style! References: “You Don’t Look Blind” – Fashioneyesta’s video about stereotypes she’s encountered about visual impairments. … More Fashioneyesta

Sanchita Islam

Sanchita Islam is a visual artist, writer, filmmaker and mother of Bangladeshi heritage. She has worked in Bangladesh, Brussels, and the UK. She uses her artwork to express her feelings ,capture her two young children in yearly drawings, raise awareness of her mental health issues and to raise awareness of other people around the world … More Sanchita Islam

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire’s detailed cityscapes are drawn completely from memory. Who is Stephen? Stephen Wiltshire is a world-renowned artist who draws cityscapes in great detail – sometimes only after seeing them once. Born in 1974 to Caribbean parents, his autism meant that he found it hard to communicate and relate to other people when younger, and … More Stephen Wiltshire

Pete Eckert

Pete Eckert is a visual photographer; he just can’t see. Who is Pete? Pete Eckert is an American photographer who uses a cutting-edge technology to create his photos. He trained as an architect and planned to study it further at Yale before he became blind as a result of retinitis pigmentosa, in which a person … More Pete Eckert