DHM 2018 -New Blog

Hi bloggers,

So it’s 2018, and its nearly Disability History Month once again! This means I’m hard at work creating a new blog for you all, and I’ve already got quite a few posts on it.
With the theme this year being Disability and Music, I titled my next blog Play The Music DHM. I’ll explore musicians who incidentally have a disability (for example Beethoven, or Thomas Wiggins) all the way to artists who have a disability and use their musical talent to protest (such as Johnny Crescendo of DAN.)

As I’m also hanging in Heidelberg (Advanced Chemistry reference 😉 ) in Germany, there’ll also be German language posts of German disabled musicians (so Beethoven, rapper Mister S, baritone and jazz singer Thomas Quasthoff, Schlager singer Vanessa Grand and hopefully many more) Wenn man Deutsch lesen kann, dann schau mal!

And if you can’t speak German then you could listen to some of their songs anyway. 😉

Hope you can join me there!


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