Last official day of UK Disability History Month – links to UKDHM

Disability History Month – Celebrating Our Lives, Achieving Equality, Challenging Disablism.

Hi all. Bloggers, artists, painters, musicians, writers, radio hosters, poets, and other viewers of this blog. (Who I will never name if you don’t want me to… but your work, currently existing or yet to come, is and/or will be awesome. 🙂 )

Today is the final day of Disability History Month in the UK, the 22nd December. And this blog isn’t finished, which doesn’t really mean anything anyway. For two reasons:

  1. I may or may not continue updating anyway. This has been fun.
  2. This was just a fun project for me to help represent Disability History Month. Really the credit should go to the actual official UK Disability History Month website.

    It’s a much, much bigger and much better version of this website. They inspired me to create this. So in the UK Disability History Month page you can:

    1. Read about how and why Disability History Month was started 7 years ago, and what the themes of each year of DHM have been.
    2. Discover many, many more artists with disabilities an/or mental health issues throughout the world. For example Liu Shai, a self-taught traditional Chinese artist who has cerebral palsy. Go check out at least 3 awesome artists and come back if you’d be so inclined.
    3. Read their postscript celebrating the end of a successful Disability History Month, and detailing more of thier successes, such as an assembly with KS3 and KS4 students (11-16 year olds)! Watch it here on the UKDHM website.
    4. Their timeline of what I was too lazy to explore, the history of artists with disabilities or who featured disabled subjects, over the past 600 years. The timeline is here.

    Also everyone, according to the UKDHM, the theme of Disability History Month 2018 will be Disability and Music. (Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get to the music section of this blog?) So that will be music for protest, music for fun, the changes in music used to ‘introduce’ us on TV etc. And music used in the Disability Arts Movement.

    Also, I know I didn’t sufficiently explore the Disability Arts Movement. To the people I met at the DHM event:

    • Tony Heaton – Link to his ‘You Laugh at Me’ sculpture, showing 4 people facing one way, but one facing the other. ‘You laugh at me because I am different, I laugh because you are all the same.’
    • Tanya Raabe Webbber Check out her Portraits Untold project, in which she created 4 portraits in 4 different spaces across England in 2016.

    • Barbra Lisicki – An incredible disability campaigner whose group, the Disability Action Network (DAN) fought for rights, including the right for wheelchair users to have the designated bus spaces we see today. Read a short interview with Barbra Lisicki here and read more about Barbra and other members of DAN in Scope’s report here.
    • Richard Reisler, who helped start Disability History Month.
    • To them I send a massive, massive thank you.

      A month is just to ‘raise awareness’ for the ‘public’. We obviously all know that real awareness can never be just for a month alone. (Who is this so-called ‘the public’ and how do we tell them this? 🙂 )

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