Liz Crow -Bedding Out: Art, Activism and Twitter

Liz Crow is a performance artist, activist and creator of Roaring Girl productions. Many of her projects, most recently Bedding Out, was part artwork and part protest.

Liz Crow doesn’t want to disclose her disability “because Bedding Out will become about people with X impairment,” but adds: “What I can say is that I have a largely invisible impairment, with fluctuating, unpredictable symptom levels, like a significant proportion of disabled people.” [1]

Bedding In Bedding Out: Reflections from the Bed from Roaring Girl Productions on Vimeo.

Liz Crow has also created many other performances and artworks with the aim of driving social change and making the general public aware.Another performance she did was in Trafalgar Square in 2007. Wearing a Nazi uniform on the plinth of Trafalgar Square, Liz Crow aimed to raise awareness of the atrocities committed by the Nazis in Aktion Tiergartenstrasse 4, September 1939-August 1941. 70,237 people in Nazi-occupied Europe with physical or mental disabilities were killed. (The symbol of a black triangle was used by the Nazis to mark out so called ‘incurables’ , which is why an upside-down black triangle is today used for disability rights groups such as UK Disability History Month.)

In the performance, Liz Crow lifted a flag, bearing the words ‘First they came for the sick, the so-called incurables and I did not speak out – because I was not ill’, taken from an early version of the anti-Nazi theologian Martin Niemoeller’s statement.

An academic paper was written about Liz Crow’s Bedding Out performance, and the use of social media platform Twitter to facilitate and spread conversations. Bedding Out: Art, Activism and Twitter can be read here. (At the end is a interview between Liz Crow and Lucy Burke)

Bedding Out wasn’t the first time Liz Crow used Twitter for activism. In 2016 she launched ‘#InActualFact’, aiming to correct widely-held misconceptions of the benefit system, such as ‘Public believe benefit fraud at least 27%. DWP’s own statistics say 0.7%. #InActualFact.’


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Burke, Lucy and Crow, Liz (2017) Bedding Out: Art, Activism and Twitter, Roaring Girl Productions [online] [Available at: [Accessed 20/12/2017]


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