Update: Posts will have links only

I’m going to only have the References links in the posts of all artists I post here.

Hi Readers!

From now on I will ONLY link References in every post, with an image of the artist and their work, and of course a title.

So,there are two reasons I’m making this change. One reason is a practical one – realistically we are in Week 4 of Disability History Month- however I am stuck on Week 2.

Though I seem to have accelerated my posting speed, I know I’m not going fast enough to hit whatever self-imposed weekly targets I set. I told myself – hey, they’re self-imposed and so easily changed. However, instead of this, I’ve decided to change the content of posts.

And I have a bunch of ideas for Theatre Week 3, including (but not limited to):

  • Paula Rees,
  • Chickenshed Theatre
  • DanceSyndrome Group
  • Jess Thom,
  • Emily Golden
  • Graeae Theatre
  • and an interactive, thought-provoking piece called Bedding Out by disability activist Liz Crow. Read this paper by Liz Crow and Lucky Burke to find out more.

    Furthermore I have a bunch of other suggestions, and have received a few from readers as well.

    However, as you may have noticed, the end of Disability History Month (22nd December 2017)is just around the corner. (At the time of posting, it’s in 6 days.)This does not mean I will stop updating Access The Arts whenever I want to after DHM 2017 is over. It does mean that I need to be quick in order to at least feel like I’ve finished by the end.

    So I’m making this change because of practical time constraints.

    Reason 2

    There’s another reason I’ll only add the References. I am aware of the fact that in some way, the writing here (and links, sources, types of artwork I pick etc)is the medium that shapes how you, dear readers, may see these artists. Especially as everyone’s experience is different, and I may not be able to describe someone experience as accurately as they themselves can.

    Beyond this, I want you to be able to find out more things about different artists and their artwork. Because everyone is different, what I find interesting (and therefore write down) may not be the same as what you find interesting.

    So the second reason I’m making this change is to be more reflective of the artists I post. I do realise that the choice of sources also reflects how you think, so I’ll read them thoroughly and pick some good ones!

    (I also do realise that including what may seem like LESS information may be less reflective, not more, however you guys don’t need to be influenced by just lil’ old me (unless of course you want me to keep writing on here for the next few weeks, in which case drop a comment below explaining why.)

    Also just want to say thank you to all of our readers out there. I will say that I have had a wander around some of your blogs, and I really like some of the ones I have read through.

    In short: Posts will just have References until I have time.
    I am aware how I didn’t really stick to my first update here, however this second one should work. What can happen if people want, is that we can discuss about them in the comment section below.

    Equally, if you have suggestions on how I can do this differently, comment in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the end of this post.

    Thank you all,

    Shakira Dyer

One thought on “Update: Posts will have links only

  1. So, what does everyone think? Personally as the blog mod, I feel I shouldn’t be doing this. Although the most important reason for the Just References update was that I don’t want to be telling people’s stories ‘for’ them… I also actually want there to be content… not like one of those aggregators you sometimes get…

    But I will try this as a short experiment in how to write short posts. First up, Fashioneyesta!


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