Temple Grandin

Dr Temple Grandin is a world renowned author and professor in animal studies and autism. She has received a PHD and urrently works at Colorado State University.

As a child in the 1950s, Temple’s autism hadn’t been diagnosed,as the condition was almost unknown in those times. However she grew up in a time when social skills were “pounded into every single child,” Elaborating, she explains that her parents taught her social skills and work skills. “Children in my generation, when they were teenagers, they had jobs and learned how to work. I cleaned horse stalls. When I was 8 years old, my mother made me be a party hostess – shake hands, take coats, etc. In the 1950’s, social skills were taught in a much more rigid way so kids who were mildly autistic were forced to learn them. It hurts the autistic much more than it does the normal kids to not have these skills formally taught.”

She writes that ‘algebra was impossible for me and never made any sense’ yet had become a leading expert in the welfare of livestock, partly by utilising the animals’ natural behaviour, advocating for a humane way of keeping farm animals. For example she developed a curved chute for cattle that miniks the way they move in hers and is more efficient, which is now used for ‘over half the cattle in the USA.'[3] As a professor, Dr. Temple Grandin has written many papers that can be found here.

Temple Grandin has also written many books about the autistic spectrum, found here. These range from picture books for young children, to autobiographies on her own life, advice on how to navigate unwritten social rules, Temple Grandin’s interviews, and books about how to create an environment that is both inclusive and allows people to stretch their capabilities.


[1] – Temple Grandin’s personal website -http://www.templegrandin.com/templehome.html –
[2] – Dr Temple Grandin’s website and papers on livestock- http://www.grandin.com/
[3]- Temple Grandin’s autobiography -http://www.grandin.com/temple.html


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