Dolly Sen

Dolly Sen is an author and filmmaker, making socially conscious work surrounding ‘madness’, government policies around mental health and disability, and social attitudes.

Dolly Sen – To Be or Not To Be Disabled – Based on the famous monologue in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this spoken word poem explores Dolly’s experience of how disabled people are treated under the UK Conservative government.

This year Dolly Sen made ‘Dear CCTV Camera’– a silent black and white film directed to a camera emotionlessly watching everyone.

Dolly Sen has also interviewed in her videos- including interviewing the art therapy organisation Portugal Prints (whose haiku poetry on ‘What Is Madness’ was showcased at the Tate Modern) – and interviewing Stephanie Baker, then a young musician with Asperger’s, to explain that people with autism and Asperger’s can obviously feel empathy, and feel very deeply, with Stephanie partly using her music to express her emotions.

This Christmas Dolly Sen also wrote ‘On the 12 days of Christmas my psychiatrist prescribed for me.’ – see the video here.

More of Dolly Sen’s work can be found at Dolly’s page on Disability Arts Online.

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