Sanchita Islam

Sanchita Islam is a visual artist, writer, filmmaker and mother of Bangladeshi heritage. She has worked in Bangladesh, Brussels, and the UK. She uses her artwork to express her feelings ,capture her two young children in yearly drawings, raise awareness of her mental health issues and to raise awareness of other people around the world who are not being heard. She is also the creator of Pigment Explosion, a website to showcase art events.
Still image from White Wall - a girl walks away from a  winding road

As a filmmaker, Sanchita Islam has made White Wall, an animated film about a young girl with mental health issues set in a fantasy world. It was commissioned by the UK Film Council. View it here. The world of fantasy, she says, has always been an important part in her recovery.

Sinister blotches of paint in various colours -depicting the malevolent voice in Sanchita's mind
‘The Fred portrait is the closest I have ever got to visually depicting Fred, ‘the negative voice in my head’- Sanchita Islam’s psychosis means she hears voices in her head. She has named the three of her voices Fred, Mia and Sophie, which Fred being the most negative one. Thus she can locate the source of her negative feelings and impulses, and attempt to fight back against them.

She has also taken photographs of herself dressed as Mia, her ‘glorious alter-ego’:
Black + white photograph- with bright pink hat

Portrait of Sanchita's baby
Sanchita has two children, and attempts to draw a picture of them every year until they turn 18, then put the 18 pictures into a collage.

One of her many books, called ‘Schizophrenics Can Be Good Mothers Too’, aims to tackle stigma surrounding mental health and emphasises the need for more education on mental health issues, both for children and for medical professionals.

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