Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire’s detailed cityscapes are drawn completely from memory.

Who is Stephen?

Stephen Wiltshire is a world-renowned artist who draws cityscapes in great detail – sometimes only after seeing them once. Born in 1974 to Caribbean parents, his autism meant that he found it hard to communicate and relate to other people when younger, and was non-verbal until age 5. Then, it was noticed his favourite past-time was drawing. He began by drawing animals and cars, then London buses and finally architecture – also he has a talent for drawing cars and people. He says that during these times, art was ‘his form of language.’[1]

Stephen Wiltshire’s artwork has been featured around the world in the cities he’s drawn- including London, Rome and Paris, among others.

Stephen’s artwork exhibited

This video by UBS in their ‘We Will Not Rest campaign’ shows Stephen Wiltshire drawing New York City in a panorama.

How does Stephen’s artwork change attitudes to disability?

Teachers amazed at his work entered him into children’s art competition, which began his career as an artist.

By the time Stephen Wiltshire was 8, the then British Prime Minster had commissioned him to draw Salisbury Cathedral.
Much more recently, Stephen’s drawings have helped raise money for charities that support people with autism, including one in Australia where he drew Sydney.
He is now recognised the world over as an artist first, and autistic second.

Anything else interesting?

Readers in the UK might remember Stephen Wiltshire’s artwork in the newspapers. In a view from the newly-built Shard he captured the city of London in minute detail from memory. [3]

He has also drawn for the Queen of England on her 90th birthday, and for prime ministers and presidents. Stephen has an OBE for his services to art.

Stephen also incorporates his drawings into calendars every year- the 2018 edition is out now for sale on his website.


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Featured Image: Stephen Wiltshire drawing Singapore in 2014, after an air ride from the Singapore Air Force – read more about this here. Courtesy of Flickr user Choo Yut Shing.

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